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Flow measurements for diverse applications, liquids & solids, featuring different measurement principles for clean & dirty medium, part filled or full filled pipes, water & waste water.

  • BTU Meter / Energy Meter 

    Energy Consumption measurement in heating & cooling systems for Hydronics in Building Management / HVAC on chilled or heated water loop.

  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic 

    We offer a range of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters which provide highly accurate measurement of liquids and gases. This minimizes installation time and maintenance expenses. They are available as configurable systems as well as check metering kits.

  • Coriolis Mass Flow

    Our range of full-bore Coriolis mass flowmeters are suitable for measuring liquids and gases. The Coriolis measuring principle is used in a wide range of different branches of industry, such as Food, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas. Coriolis flowmeters can measure virtually all fluids: cleaning agents, solvents, fuels, crude oil, vegetable oils, animal fats, silicon oils, alcohol, fruit juices, toothpaste, ketchup, mayonnaise, gases or liquid gases. The measurement is independent of changes in process conditions and due to this versatility the meter is easy to install and also recognized for its accuracy. We can spec the unit required to the individual application. CIP & SIP capable.

  • Magnetic

    Electromagnetic flowmeters are suitable for measuring the flow of almost all electrically conducting liquids, pastes and slurries. Magmeters are used in virtually all Industries and a well established method of measurement. Talk to us today about your application. Sanitary / Dairy Process Connections Tri Clamp, BS4825 / ISO 2852, DIN 11851.

  • Turbine meters with single rotor or dual rotor. Lo Flo

    The highly precise Stainless Steel Turbine Meters have been designed to measure the flow of fluids & gases. Pressure, Viscosity & temperature compensation provided unbeatable repeatability & linearity. The turbine meters can be mounted in any orientation, either horizontal or vertical pipes.

    Low cost precision turbine meter for measurement of flow rates smaller than 5 l/min.

    The gas series has been designed for precise flow measurement of all compressible gases, while also providing a very low pressure drop, flow measurement at densities between 0.16 & 240 kg/m3 for flow rates of 0.1 upto 180 l/s.

    Dual Rotor turbine meters which is highly resistant to external vibration & minimises space making it a good choice for hydraulic systems, aerospace applications. Qualifications of jet engines & aircraft components in test calibrators, measurement of propellant consumption in aircraft.

    Rugged meters for harsh environments, high corrosive media or for food & pharmaceutical industry with 3-A sanitary standard approval.

    Solutions for flow measurement of Demineralised (DM) Water, alkaline solutions, oils / salads, fuel oil, beverage, water solutions or for fuel or fuel consumptions. Especially ideal for washing machines, dish washers, coffee machines, laser cooling systems, solar plants, bakery & steam cooking machines in large kitchen plants.

  • Thermal Mass Flowmeters

    For direct mass measurement of industrial gases, compressed air and aqueous fluids even at the lowest flow velocities and pressures.

  • Differential Pressure with Orifice Assembly

  • Variable Area Flow Meter

    The Variable Area Flow measurement method allows fluids, corrosive fluids, liquids, compressed air & gases volume streams to be determined. A moving sharp-edged orifice is located within the piston assembly, forming an annular opening with the contoured metering cone. The piston assembly carries a cylindrical PPS/ceramic magnet that is magnetically coupled to an external indicating magnet, which moves precisely in direct response to movement of the piston therefore providing a visual display of the flow rate.

  • Sewage Flow, Partial Flow – Polluted Medium

    Flowmetering systems for polluted water & waste water based on ultrasonic doppler or the crosscorrelation method.

  • Ultrasonic

    We can offer overhead ultrasonic open channel flow meters which include MCERTS approval. These are suitable for continuous influent and effluent flow measurement in open channels. Flow monitoring is key throughout Utility Networks and we can offer solutions to suit most requirements.

  • Insertion Type Ultrasonic

    Contact Type Insert Flowmeters for clean & slightly polluted water utilising transit time.

  • AVFM and Cross Correlation WRAS Approved

    Area Velocity Measurement is used where partial flow is required in a pipeline or Cross sectional Area such as channels, part-filled and full pipes up to 12 m width or diameter. Talk to us today about your requirement.

  • Radar – Non Contact / Guided Wave Radar

    Radar non-contact is used for various Liquid and solid applications. We can also offer Hygienic Radar and guided wave radar.

  • Interface Measurement

    Detection of the interface point between the high solids region and the low solids region in a settlement tank or other tank such as clarifiers.

  • Rotating Paddle Switches:

    These are point level switches used to detect levels of powders and bulk materials in silos and other vessels. The switches are powered by an electric motor and continuously rotate until they make contact with a material, which then creates force that causes the rotation to stop.

  • Ultrasonic:

    This type of level measurement transmitter uses high-frequency sound to detect product levels. The transmitter is placed at the top of a tank and transmits ultrasonic pulses that are reflected off the surface of the product. The sensor then creates a measurement calculation based off the signal. Ultrasonic transmitters are used for continuous level measurement.

  • Vibrating Tuning Fork Switches:

    These point level measurement switches are installed in pipes and vessels to detect high and low fluid level and prevent overflow. The switches contain two prongs that vibrate at a natural frequency until they become immersed in the product, which causes the frequency to drop. These changes are monitored by sensors that can be programmed to trigger an alarm or valve once a certain level is reached.

  • Hydrostatic (Pressure) Transmitters:

    A type of continuous level measurement transmitter used for water and other liquid applications. This level instrumentation device determines fluid levels by measuring the force or pressure within a resting body of fluid.

  • Non-Contacting Radar:

    This type of radar level instrumentation detects surfaces that reflect energy and measures dry or fluid levels by determining the amount of time it takes for a transmitted signal to reflect on the surface and return to the transmitter. It provides continuous level calculations for both volume and mass.

  • Magnetostrictive Sensors:

    A type of continuous level control equipment that uses a magnet suspended in a float level sensor to create pulses of current. These pulses then travel through a wire or bar-style waveguide to create a magnetic field that causes the float to rise and sink based on fluid levels.

  • Laser Level

  • Differential Pressure

    Differential pressure measurement for flow, level, volume or mass measurement in liquids. These are available in a range of process connections for accurate measurement

  • Gauge and Absolute Pressure

    We can offer a range of continuous gauge and absolute pressure transmitters with many different connections and housings. We can help you choose the right pressure transmitter for any application.

  • Remote Chemical Seals / Flanged Seals

    We can offer wide range of Chemical Seals to suit chemical or hygienic applications wetted part materials available in Duplex, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel,Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium, Coatings available in Gold, Rhodium, PFA and PTFE

We offer Smart or Conventional Electro Pneumatic Positioners & provide retrofitting capabilities on any make Control Valve or Power Cylinders.

20+ Parameters of Water Monitoring Chlorine, Turbidity, pH, Conductivity, Fluoride, Ammonia, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide, Ortho Phosphate, DO, Per Acetic Acid, UV254 etc.

Submersible online UV Vis spectrometer probes and provides monitoring systems and software for drinking-, environmental-, waste-, and industrial water applications. A complete set of accurate, reliable, low-maintenance and inexpensive measuring instruments for comprehensive and time–resolved water quality monitoring. Solutions for BOD, COD, TOC, BTX, DOC, AOC, NO3-N, NO2-N, TSS, Hydrogen Peroxide, Colour, K+, F- etc.

Multiparameter instruments can offer savings to some organisations against buying many individual instruments. We offer a number of options for environmental multiparameter water monitors.


    Zirconia Analysers

    Cross Stack Laser Analyser



    We shall be very soon offering extractive gas analysers with Sample handling System.

  • Chlorinators

    We offer Skid Mounted safe all-vacuum operation using accurate, reliable, proven technology Chlorination System from 50 gms/ hour to 200 kg/hr.

  • Chlorine Leak Absorption System

    8V CLAS Supreme Technology Chlorine Leak Absorption System is customized packed column wet chlorine scrubber systems to automatically control & absorb the heavy leaks from the chlorine tonner based on the recommendations of Chlorine Institute Inc, USA, Bureau of Indian Standards, National Safety Council & alkali Manufacturer’s Association of India.


    Electro Chlorinators
    Chlorine Dioxide Systems
    Ozone Systems
    UV systems

    Presently working to increase our technical competence for the above technologies for promoting in the Indian Market.


    The above is a schematic of a water treatment plant


    Typical Waste water Treatment Plant

  • Belt Scale

    Belt Scale System monitors feed to crushers, mills, screens and other processes with an accuracy of ± 0.25% to ± 0.5%, even in the harshest applications. The Belt Scale system lets you monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.

  • Tramp Metal Detector

    Tramp Metal Detector is designed for belt conveyors moving coal, iron pellets, minerals, cement, aggregates and other bulk materials. It can detect all types of metallic scrap, including bucket teeth, manganese steel mantles, bore crowns, bar scrap, chains, wear plates and tools. It can even detect tramp metal when buried in wet conductive materials. And, because it is insensitive to materials with high magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity, this tramp metal detector can be used in applications where conventional metal detectors produce an unacceptable false alarm rate.

  • Solid Flow

    To measure the flow of quantities of solids in metallic pipes. All powders, dust, pellets and granules can be measured reproducibly, from a few kg/h up to several t/h. PCI / CDI applications.

  • Online Moisture

    Sensors for moisture measurement in many processes, including for granules, pellets, chips, powders, dusts, and much more. Conveyor belts, screw conveyors, silos, hoppers, etc. are particularly suitable installation locations.

  • Dust Monitors

    Dust monitor is used to detect filter malfunctions caused by cracks or installation defects, for instance. Continuous monitoring of fabric filter baghouses, tracking significant increases in particulate loadings to indicate broken bags.

  • Switch :

    • Microwave Flow Switch for Solids

    • Contactless Level Monitoring Switch

    • Dust Monitoring for Filter Break

    • Vibration

    • Capacitive

    • Conductive

    • Radar

    • Radiation based

Portable Hydraulic Testers simultaneously measure the flowrate, temperature, pressure & optionally, power of hydraulic fluid. Designed for testing pumps, valves, cylinders, motors, hydrostatic or power shift transmissions & power steering systems in both mobile & stationery applications, these compact units utilize turbine flowmeter technology. 

Tools for demanding concrete consolidation applications such as Hydraulic Vibrator, High Cycle Vibrators, Screed King, Pneumatic Vibrators, Electric Vibrators. 

Control Valves are specifically designed for controlling small to medium flow rates of liquid or vapour, in pipe sizes from ¼” to 2” covering Cv range from 0.0000018 to 54. Standard material is SS however many other materials are available for corrosive applications including solid Titanium & Tantalum. 

Valves for R&D, pilot plants, technical plants & fine batching applications.

Sanitary Valves for the Hygienic, pharmaceutical & food industries.